Monday, June 30, 2014

Motivational Monday

Good morning, gorgeous! It's Monday morning & many of us probably thought that the weekend wasn't quite long enough, right? Didn't have time for cereal today? Stuck in lots of traffic on your commute? Had to ride with a smelly guy in the elevator? The best parking spots were taken?

If you're like me, my hair + outfit on Mondays can be very telling...Shhhhhhh!

-->if I look like I got dressed in the dark=great weekend!
-->if I look fabulous & perfectly put together=I stayed home & relaxed!

No matter how you're feeling on the inside, we gotta push each other to work hard, play hard & shop HARDER! GIRRRRRRRRL: YOU GOT THIS. #achieveyourgoals #werk #dontgiveup


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Friday, June 27, 2014

San Diego Style Bloggers x C. Wonder

Below is a post from 03.31.14 (zomg I know...!)
but guess what?? Silly me forgot to click "publish" on it...whoops! But later is better than never right?! :)

Check out the recap from the San Diego Style Bloggers here!
Hey everyone!

You will not believe how many phone calls & emails I had to go through in the last month to get my blog up & running again. The process took weeks! And it all started with a new credit card that was issued to me (yup, it was all Target's fault!). But-- thanks to the help of Scott G. over at domain support, the Shopaholic 24/7 is up once more! I guess it's true what they say--"You never know what you have until you lose it" and I've missed blogging so much. I'm glad to be back!

#bestselfieever as inspired by the Oscars selfie by Ellen Degeneres

Last Saturday, the lovely gals at C. Wonder at Fashion Valley were generous enough to host all us San Diego Style Bloggers for a meetup long overdue! There was sparkling water, sparkling jewels, pastries, fruit & of course- lots of shopping. Oh, and did I mention everything was 40% off?! Oh yea, it definitely made getting there at 10am worth it!

Accessories: Clutch- C.Wonder; Watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs; Initial 'C' bracelet- C. Wonder
Clothing: Crop top & skirt ensemble- JCPenney (IKR?!)
Shoes: Neon pumps- Zara

What do you think of these #hashtag earrings?? Aren't they absolutely MADE for bloggers & social media aficionados?!

I've missed the blogisphere so much! I feel like I've missed out on so many months of trends & news...So I'm curious to know- what is your newest store obsession at the moment??


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