Monday, March 11, 2013

Battle of the Brands: the Basic Sandal

Zara "Basic Sandal" circa 2012, SOLD OUT! $49.90
Heel ht: 4.33 in

Did you miss out on the original Zara Basic Sandal? I sure did, and had absolutely no luck finding them last year. Well it has been about a year later and I have already given up on ever finding them, unless I can go on eBay and pay a few times its original retail value. No thanks, but who says I've got to give up and move on, right ladies?

So... here are some of the closest dupes I could find.

Jessica Simpson "Sawana" $89.99
Heel ht: 4 in
Jessica Simpson "Sawana" $89.99
Heel ht: 4 in

Jessica Simpson "Sawana" $89
Heel ht: 4 in

Nine West "Acre" $89
Heel ht: 4 in

Heel ht: 4 in.

Chinese Laundry "Lucky Charm" $69
Heel ht: 4 in

JustFab "Carilo" $49.99
Heel ht: 4 in

Delicious "Stick" $26
Heel ht: 4.25 in
Are there a pair of shoes you passed up on and still regret not buying when you had the chance?? Share them with me in the comments below!

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Michelle Wan said...

nice selection of shoes thanks for sharing and the comment on my blog darling

s said...

awe i wear the zara one always. love the jessica simposon dupe! xO!

Milex said...

really well done.

Well... said...

Some gorgeous duplicates!
I know, I was so sad to have missed out, but I found some fabulous pairs at Lulus. I'll share the link actually - they're pretty good copycats and WAY affordable!

Trendy Teal

Joy said...

I probably shouldn't tell you that I bought a pair of the Zaras clearance for $25 and then I sold them, because they didn't fit me right...but looks like you've found some great alternatives! The Chinese Laundry & JustFab versions are my favorite. I think the heel is a cleaner look.
Also, if you bought the TB Pacey flats, please let me know if you find them comfortable and how you like them on! =]

Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

i really like the first pair of heels

X Jenny
Purple lightning leggings give away :)

megcasson said...

the nine west ones.

Nicki Fanning said...

They're all stunning, so different and stylish. Hope you are well and having a good week.
Greetings from Dublin

Nicki fannings blogspot

sepatuholic said...

I am definitely in love with every single on of these color combo and motif combo basic sandals!

Francesca Giusti said...

love this sandals and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Fashionobsession-mieni said...

All Sandals are stunning! I have the black ones from Zara and some similar red ones! The thirds sandals are my favorits, the leopard details are just perfect!

Hope you visit me on my blog

Erykah La Rocca said...

Hi, lovely shoes, I need them all:)
Best regards from Poland :)
Plz, visit my website, I love shoes, you'll see <3

Arra A. said...

These shoes are lovely. I badly wanted to have a basic one ever since. But I can't seem to find the perfect pair!


The Sparkle Girl said...

I've been looking for a great pair! Thanks for all the options! I'm loving the Nine West ones!

hthakurblog said...

Nice collection.
I loved the multicolored "Nine West" the most.
Sadly I can't wear the heel shoes.
Do you have any collection of flat sandals?

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