Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday

Who says you have to celebrate your birthday for only a day? Or that you are only supposed to have one cake? My boyfriend's birthday was this last Tuesday, May 22nd and I surprised him with not one, but 2 cakes (technically ice cream pies) from our favorite, Strickland's (homemade ice cream daily)! We celebrated the 3rd anniversary of his 21st birthday with as many candles as we could spare, including finishing off a 24-pack of bright neons. Yes, my inner 90s kid made me do it!

Butterfinger w/ graham cracker crust & Vanilla M&M w/ Oreo cookie crust (Strickland's) + Chocolate cake from John's sister (Porto's)
We kicked off the weekend the only way we knew how: scarfing down a burger, pork rib sliders, lobster corn dogs & butterscotch caramel brownie pudding. I am now officially a fan of Analog bar! It's funny that we were celebrating John's belated birthday there because Analog is turning 2 tomorrow (May 31), which means that they are both Geminis! Match made in heaven.

Then, I took him to an amazing secret bar (shhhh! Don't lean on the wall of kegs next to the restroom!) and we had a blast talking with the mixologists and pretending we were in a Harry Potter film (okay, so maybe the latter was just me). Finally, we ended the night by watching MIB 3, which brought back nostalgia for our childhoods...remember when the 1st film came out in 1997?!

Clothing: Crochet top- Candie's for Kohl's LOVE the silver details in the crochet & the sheer back!, Crop tank- Cotton On, Favorite pair of jeans- Vigoss, Loehmann's
Accessories: Neon belt- Target, Rive gauche/Rive droit bracelet- Agatha (in stores only), Assorted bracelets- some made by my grandma, Metallic satchel- Sophia, COACH (similar here), Ceramic watch- MK5387, Michael Kors, Tribal fringe necklace- Charlotte Russe, $5 (similar here)
Shoes: Platform sandals- Dakota, Olsenboye (on sale for $22!) Details in this post.
Then, on Sunday, John, his friends and I attended a concert/mini Coachella/music festival/rave? which lasted from 3 PM- 11 PM and we got to see Skrillex perform! I had no idea what I was listening to 90% of the day, but we all had a great time and it was definitely a first for me! 

We spent Memorial Day barbecuing and relaxing with his family at the beach and the weather was fantastic! This kind of warm weather makes waiting for summer even more unbearable. For my outfit, I decided to go with a patriotic color scheme and also use the holiday as an excuse to practice wearing more color since I admit I do wear neutrals the majority of the time. Lately, I have also been particularly fond of anything with cut-out details because they remind me of mosaics and stained glass windows. I am just loving this trend as you can tell by my outfit choices lately. Sorry for the overkill, but you can't have too much of a good thing...right?

Clothing: Laser cut top- Marshall's (similar herehere & VERY similar here), $13, Lace shorts- Charlotte Russe (in love with this one & this one)
Accessories: Bow belt & multi-colored aviators- Charlotte Russe (similar here), Charm bracelet- Return to Tiffany, Tiffany & Co., Assorted bracelets- some made by my grandma, Other bracelets- Cotton On, Red crossbody- Burberry, Ceramic watch- MK5387, Michael Kors,
Shoes: Metallic wedge sandals- DV by Dolce Vita

What did you do over the weekend? How did you celebrate your last birthday? 

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle of the Brands: Stilettos of Mass Destruction

Want an easier way to fend off creepy men at nightclubs than using code words with your friends? Going on a blind date and want to discourage him from playing footsies with you (ew)? Have a 7-10 PM class this semester which means you have to walk alone back to your car? Live in a big city and ride in a crowded metro/subway every day and sick of being stepped on? Just looking for some personal space?

Invest in a pair of these mean kicks and kick those issues to the curb! Spiked stilettos, ftw.

Let the BATTLE of the Brands begin, and may the odds be ever in your favor (har har har). 

Christian Louboutin- Asteroid, $1,695

Christian Louboutin- Yolanda, $1495

Ruthie Davis- Spikette, $697 (orig. $1395)

Sam Edelman, Lorissa, $200

Vince Camuto, Madelyn, $200

Dolce Vita- Bijou, $165 (originally $195)

D.A.O. Shoes- Spike & Studs Pump, $110, Sexy Spike Pumps, $97 (sign up for 20% off)

Abbey Dawn, Peep-Toe Platforms, $75

Promise Shoes- Manchi, $60

Simply Vera by Vera Wang- Peep-toe High Heels, $48 (on sale!)

Fashion + Self-defense. Who doesn't love a 2fer?
Read past "Battles of the Brands" here.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Heart to Heart

My family and I took a mini weekend trip for Mother's Day to LA & Hollywood and I found myself in a particularly affectionate mood. I admit, I have been accused of being a mama's girl from time to time. So call me childish, but whenever I feel that way (i.e. Valentine's day/Anniversaries/Weddings/ any celebration involving love whatsoever), I am instinctively drawn to warmer colors like reds and pinks, as well as hearts and circles, which was my primary inspiration for this outfit.

Heart 5

Heart 4

Heart 1

Heart 3

Heart 2
Clothing: Hearts Cutout blouse- Candie's for Kohl's, Taupe (p)leather skirt- F21
Accessories: Neon pink belt- Target, Pearl ring- Huntington Beach surf shop, Pearl bracelets- the Hanger, Cable bangle- eBay, or splurge here, Reversible canvas clutch- Urban Outfitters, Nails- For Audrey, China Glaze + Spark-tacular, Sephora OPI
Shoes: Patent leather pumps- Chanelle, Shoedazzle
For comfort and practicality reasons, I opted for a modified look yesterday:
Heart 6
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend celebrating Mother's Day and/or spending time with your family. I am always especially fond of this holiday because I sincerely appreciate everything my mom has done for me, from carrying me for 9 months (no sushi! no salads! no wearing most of your favorite clothes/shoes! no on a few other indulgences, and countless other sacrifices) to putting up with me through my teenage years, and now, to being my partner-in-crime/friend/mentor/shopping buddy, etc., I  you, Mom! I've sure got a lot to live up to in the future.

My theme park outfit on Saturday:
Heart 7
Clothing: Ironman tee- Hot Topic, Metallic jeans- MNG by Mango for JcPenney (also styled here)
Accessories: Ceramic chain link watch- MK5387, Michael Kors, Geometric necklace- Charlotte Russe, Purse- from Hong Kong, Fedora- Flea market
Shoes: Mossimo, Target (similar here)
How did you celebrate Mother's day?

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Peachy


Have you ever had one of those friends who is an attention-seeking, unforgiving, grudge-bearing, stubborn, yet beautiful, brat?! I hadn't... until I received this gorgeous, peach-colored blouse from Sugarlips. It is made of 100% Mulberry silk, and while soft to the touch, comfortable, and very lightweight, I've found that it has got quite a memory, or in simpler terms, it is very easily wrinkled. I'm not used to ironing my clothing, especially since:

1.) I'm always in a rush to leave the house every morning,
2.) I usually hang everything.

However, my closet was getting short on space (never-ending problem, right girls?!) and I made the mistake of letting the package sit in my room for a few days before opening it. Lesson learned: Never neglect your parcels, especially if they contain delicate, sensitive blouses! If you do, they will take a lot of your patience (and ironing!) to resume their normal attributes.

This top was so unique and caught my eye immediately. I love the shoulder epaulets, which remind me of military/police enforcement uniforms. Once in awhile, I can't help but feel like I'm wearing "a uniform" of sorts to work, don't you? Although made with a flirty and feminine fabric, the What a Peach blouse didn't go over the top with any ruffles, which I like. The sizing was a little off though, so this size Medium was 1 or 2 sizes too large for me. I would suggest ordering 1 size down, at least for this particular item. This is definitely one of those pieces I can wear from day to night, no problem.





Clothing: Silk blouse- c/o Sugarlips Apparel, (p)Leather skirt- Forever 21, on sale for $13 (similar here)
Accessories: Rose gold Sweetie watch & charm bracelet- Links of London, Rose gold/silver bow ring- Ross, $10, Earrings- local boutique, Belts- Forever 21, Purse- Christian Dior (thrifted, previously featured here), Prada Baroque-inspired sunnies- local flea market, $5! (Splurge here)
Shoes: Snakeskin Ankle Strap Pumps- Charlotte Russe, on sale for $10! (sold out, but similar here & here)
On a different note, I was recently awarded the  

award by a fabulous fellow blogger, Miss Ochi Bernadas of Ochi in the City! Thank you so much for this! 

I'm honored to be nominated by a peer style blogger, especially since I have been blogging less than 6 months and I've already received so much love & support from you all. Many of you may not know this, but when I first started blogging on Wordpress, there was a time when my posts weren't even public! Yes, imagine trying to share your style, while limiting your audience, to essentially, no one. Needless to say, I'm so glad to be blogging "out of the closet" now and I encourage you and/or your friends to express your/themselves too. Don't be worried about what others will think, and just do it. Trust me! Carpe diem and no regrets is the way to go. We're young, wild, and free, right? Okay, wow, I think I've gotten all the clich├ęs out of my system. 
Now on to business!

It's my turn to nominate 5 talented young bloggers and I'm honored to announce them, 
in no particular order 
(drum roll, please):

 The Sparkle Girl- Keep up-to-date on the runway's latest fashions & trends! Catch up now :)
 Rachel, Glam Hampton- Love her style and her smile is simply contagious! Get inspired!
 Hannah, Dimples Diaries- A refreshing and creative take on the average style blog. Check it out to see what I mean!
 Kelsey, The Girl Talks- 22 yr-old makeup guru with a Master's degree, but trust me, she doesn't bite! How does she have time for it all?
♥ Chelsea, Chelsea's Culinary Indulgence- I'm warning you, don't click on this blog if you're hungry, but if you're looking for some new, easy-to-follow recipes, look no further!

If I could, I'd nominate each and every one of you bloggers, who, like me, are just having a good time sharing their style, recipes, fashion advice, travel tips, or whatever hobby it may be, because I think you're awesome and I support what you're doing! Blogging, believe it or not, takes a lot of time, and may sometimes mean missing the latest episode of Gossip Girl or Fashion Star, but we do it because we love it and we love you. Keep it up, and if you like, leave me a comment below and I'll be sure to check out your work! 

Liebster Blog Award Rules:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented that award to you.
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 different blogs (with 200 followers or less) who you feel deserve to be noticed!
5. Let each nominee know they have been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog.

Thank you all for reading and visiting my little piece of cyberspace.  What are some of your favorite blogs? 

Hope you have a wonderful week! 
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