Monday, April 30, 2012

Walk in the Park

There is an American saying, "a walk in the park," which refers to an easy undertaking. For instance, one might say, "That test was a walk in the park," when asked what one thought of the difficulty level of an exam. That is precisely how I felt when, an online clothing & accessories retailer,  offered me a $10 credit to use on their website in exchange for a feature and review. I had never visited their store before this month. As many of you already know, and/or can assume based on the title of my blog, I shop online quite often. As I browsed through the site, I was happily surprised to discover that that OASAP carries a fantastic selection of items, fit for a variety of different personal styles! Unlike other shopping sites, OASAP seems to have something to offer for everyone, even very picky girls (like me!). If you have that hard-to-shop-for girlfriend, co-worker, cousin, sister, or mother (Moms day is right around the corner on May 13th), then I would definitely recommend checking out! I am only saying this because I really have found a lot of unique items on their website that I have trouble finding in stores. Plus, they offer international shipping, so no one is excluded!

And since I'm a firm believer that unique, statement jewelry can turn any outfit from drab to FAB, here are some of my top jewelry picks at OASAP:

Clothing: Sweater- F21 (on sale for $10), Jeans- Seven for all mankind
Accessories: Bib necklace- c/o, Two-toned chainlink bracelet- DIY, Ring & Heart sunglasses- flea market or similar here, Copper bracelet ring- F21 (only $3.80, available in-stores but not online), Flap purse- Ganson, thrifted from the Hanger
Shoes: Strappy platform sandals- Payless, or similar here
What are some of your favorite online stores at the moment? Any recommendations for me?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where's Your Spare Pair?

My dearest fashionistas- how many of you have, despite your best judgment, walked proudly into work wearing your newest 5-inch heels, just to hobble and limp out to the parking lot at 5 o'clock? Well, turn that frown upside down, because after this post, I guarantee you will be able to both look good & feel good!
Houndstooth heels: Steven by Steve Madden/ Wingtip flats: Fairytales Are True from Urban Outfitters (similar here)

I was inspired to write this post from my own experiences today coupled with many, MANY prior incidences (mostly at work since I never wore heels in college, but major props go out to those girls who do!) where I found myself in a similar scenario. I'm only 5' 4" so I like the extra height that heels give me, especially since I work with male co-workers who tower over me. Also, I can't help but feel a little more confident in myself when I wear some heels, whether they be one inch or five! It's a terribly unhealthy habit, I've heard, from Dr. Oz and my friend Mayur who is studying to be a Physical Therapist. Of course, I knew that even before anyone told me, but if I don't wear them now, when will I? After all, I have to carpe diem don't I? I'm in my early twenties and supposedly in top shape (not really), so better now than never, I think, but I just want to make sure to balance my guilty habits with some better ones.

Here's my approach. It's quite simple, but often overlooked. My routine is usually to put on a "spare pair" of sorts right when I leave the house, whether they manifest in the form of kitten heels, oxfords, low wedges, or some trusty, closed-toe flats. I've found that I absolutely DO NOT enjoy driving in any type of heels over 2 inches. The heels end up rubbing against my car mat and sometimes, if I'm not careful, they have even gotten scuffed! (Ok, and it's also uncomfortable) Yes, I have definitely learned these things the hard way. So, I like to wear my spare pairs whilst driving both to/ from work. Sometimes, I will even wear them all the way until I get to my office building because I have to walk about a block to/from the parking lot. Typically I will change into my heels when I go to court or have to interact with people out of the office. Otherwise, I will be in my spare pairs in the office. Seems simple right?

We fashionistas gotta feel good, but equally as important, look good, right? ;)
Here are some of my current spare pair pairings at the moment, both for work and play. 
Flats: Etienne Aigner/ Cut-out lace-up heels: Vince Camuto
Aren't these pink soles gorgeous?
Black patent heels (5 in): CHANELLE Shoedazzle/ Black patent heels (3 in): from China
Peeptoe Flats: JAM Juicy Couture/ Gladiator heels: Cathy Jean
selection of some mixed pairings
L to R: Cut-out kitten heels: Nine West/ Embellished flats: JODY Guess by Marciano
Pointed heels: Dollhouse/ Black patent flats: Jessica Simpson (similar style in wedges)
Need a quick fix? Didn't plan ahead? I always keep a foldable pair of flats in my purse, car, and/or office like the ones pictured below. You can purchase similar ones at Target, at Arden B., at Nordies, or at DSW, to name a few.
I promise my next post will be a style post for sure! I haven't had a photographer for awhile and I am not too familiar with the settings on my camera to take quality photos using my tripod. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram: @theShopaholic247 where I post little quickie OOTDs.

How do you deal with tired feet? Do you have a spare pair handy?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April: Best Buys

Would you believe me if I told you that Blogger was being glitchy and did not post this on Monday morning like it was set to? Or that when I clicked publish, there was a power outage/solar flare, leading to my entire post being deleted? No? Okay, well the truth is, I had too much fun this weekend in the 626 and didn't get home until after work on Monday (I drove straight to work from LA)! I've been a bad blogger! Sorry!

"When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad..."

I've decided to do something different for this post. In my style posts, I'm often wearing pieces that I have purchased a week or more ago, and they can become increasingly harder to find as time goes on, so I think it's both useful and fun to show you a few of my favorite things right at this moment. I had this idea towards the end of last week when it was raining down here. As a native Californian, it's practically a travesty when the skies aren't ridiculously blue and the sun shining, so naturally, I thought of Julie Andrews' classic, "A Few of my Favorite Things." Here we go!

In LOVE with this style of purse because I'm a sucker for black leather purses & gold hardware! Splurge here. 
Too happy when I found this similar purse from my local F21 for only $32.90. Say what?! Unfortunately, it's not
on their website, but check in stores!
This purse was surprisingly roomy and as you can see, can easily hold my water bottle with much room to spare.
Not one, but 3 separate compartments! Now I no longer have to dig around my purse for my iPhone & keys. Life is good.
My 1st purchase from!
Qupid Lisbeth Black Snake Architectural Cutout Wedge Booties
I was VERY impressed with the packaging for this! A cardboard drawer inside slides out to reveal the laptop case.

Gorgeous embossed laptop case for my macbook can be purchased here, but I bought mine from Macy's.

Pink mesh bracelet- ($5 at 626 Night Market), Gold bracelet watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs 

Black and silver chainlink bracelet (Chained Melody) & brown leather bracelet (Jakette the Snake)-
($5 each & both are genuine leather!)
See? I told you I was obsessed with black satchels with gold hardware!
Black lace briefcase/doctor's bag- Topshop (not available online, but apparently only in-stores)
After adding some padding inside, I may use this sturdy bag to hold my Nikon dslr because it is big, stylish, & also came with long straps so I can wear it on my shoulder.

Angelina-inspired maxi dress- F21 for only $15.80!
Photo taken w/ Instagram (Be my friend? @theShopaholic247)

My girlfriends & I went to the 626 Night Market to explore on Saturday, and it felt inspired
by the night markets in Hong Kong, but way more crowded! I ran into some old friends and...

...met a few new ones!

Hong Kong style waffles. Especially delicious drizzled with condensed milk!

My idea of a perfect late-night meal: Baked bolognese spaghetti (This has been my signature go-to dish at HK cafes
 ever since I can remember), "guy dahn zhuy," & some hot horlick. My new purse from f21 never left my side,
as you can see.

Last weekend was filled with "a few of my favorite things", places, and people, so what more could a girl ask for? It was a fun, relaxing getaway from San Diego. In addition to sharing my personal style, I also wanted to show you a few things that have caught my eye this month, as well as give you a little glimpse into my life. I hope you enjoyed this new post, and have a wonderful rest of the week!

What are some of  your current favorites or must-haves right now? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

As I sit here typing this new post, I am completely exhausted from a weekend filled with fun, family, food, and friends (the latter including food too, sometimes. C'mon, don't act like you've never watched a movie with a tub of ice cream! Yes, I confess that the way to my heart is through my stomach). My dad and I took the day off work on Friday to surprise my mom, little sister, and family friends in Las Vegas, NV. They were scheduled to stay one night on their way back from their spring break road trip, which included sightseeing in Colorado and Arizona.

Without telling anyone, we jumped in the car, drove to Las Vegas, and arrived at around 5 p.m. on Friday. Through some clever texting (and maybe a few white lies), we found out they wouldn't be arriving until 7 p.m., so when my dad asked what I'd like to do in the meantime, I pounced on the opportunity to visit Topshop. I know, some of you might be thinking, "Topshop? What's so special about that?" You have no idea. The closest Topshop location to California aka the West Coast (*cough* best coast *cough*) is the newest store located in the Fashion Show mall on the strip! It has only been open a little over a month, so I was anxious to visit this trendy UK-based fashion label, an accessible brand worn by celebrities like Alexa Chung, Emma Roberts, Elizabeth Olsen, Pippa Middleton, etc. Hyped by everyone I know, I finally  realized why girls have called this store, "life-changing," and have attempted to hide in the photo booth post-closing hours. Okay, I kid, I kid!

Call me a romantic, but it was love at first sight. Sequined tribal shorts, glitzy mini-dresses and metallic, supple leather jackets (Las Vegas special edition), gorgeous heels for both work and play, refreshing purses, and last, but not least, the fun and quirky jewelry. Gahhhh! If I had not received a text from my mother that they had arrived early, meaning I could not try anything on and just sprint to the checkout counter, I would have spent way more than my modest $100 purchase. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I'll never know. Everything in that shop had a strange, euphoric effect on my eyes. I found it annoying to blink. Le sigh. Until next time, Topshop! Here are some of my memories of a Californian's 1st steps in Topshop.

So our surprise turned out pretty well. My dad and I were just almost just as surprised when we saw my mom. We were running towards the lobby of the hotel and there they were, just standing by the door we just bursted through. We ended up parking in the same area (without knowing it) and came in through the same entrance into the hotel. What a coincidence! My mother and sister were speechless when they saw us and it was our family friend who actually called out my name. Definitely a fun way to begin the weekend. We all ate a lot and shopped a little (to my standards), and had a good time with great company. Here is a quick set of photos my little sister helped me take on Saturday. 

Clothing: Black dress- F21 (on sale for $16)
Accessories: Gold watch- Disney, Belt & Patterned Leggings- F21, Swarovski crystal bracelet- Barbie (Barbie Exhibition @ Times Square, Hong Kong), Geometric earrings- Lo Wu Commercial Center (China), Stacked bracelets- Target & Cotton On, Sunglasses- local boutique, Satchel- Fendi Chef- Ombra (Chef- Boston Zucca similar)
Shoes: Platform sandals- Olsenboye (featured in this post)

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend, even though still quite exhausted and not at all looking forward to work today.

 Have you ever been to Topshop? What did you think of it? How about Las Vegas? Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip to surprise someone?

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Golden Coast

As a girl who grew up in California 22 out of the 23 years of her existence, I have always enjoyed relatively stable, sunny weather most of the year. That being said, most of my clothing and footwear consist of very impractical pieces. In this post, I'm wearing some metallic gold pants inspired by Caesar Flickerman's sparkly blue suit in the recent Hunger Games blockbuster (sort of, you be the judge!). My hair, on the other hand, would resemble that of Katniss'. A little less contained than hers, in fact. I have naturally unruly, wavy hair, and especially when combined with the windy ocean air, well, see the results for yourself. Speaking of Hunger Games, any fans out there? What are your thoughts on the movie and/or book series? If you read the books like me, you have to watch the Beanie Babies Hunger Games video feat. Katniss Everbean. It will definitely bring a smile to your face, and not to mention, it is a pretty accurate depiction of the sequence of events.

But I picked these up because, well, let's be honest, who isn't attracted to shiny things? Thus, based on my Californian upbringing, the fact that Katy Perry's "California Gurls" lyrics will forever be engrained in my head due to the radio stations' obsession with it, combined with my golden pants, I decided to name this post, "the Golden Coast." Wow, that rhymed. Completely unintentional, by the way. Better put on your sunnies for this one...

Accessories: Vintage '80s aviators: Ray Ban (belonged to my dad), Crystal earrings: Swarovski Bella, Gold stacked rings: Coach signature ring set, Braided gold ring: Lo Wu Shopping Center in Shenzhen, Gold chained bracelet: Loehmann's, Birdie necklace: Target (came with a pair of earrings for only $5), Gold watch: Disney (purchased in Disneyland), Flap Satchel: Disney China
Clothing: V-neck snakeskin blouse: H&M (only $9.95), Nude tank top: Target, Metallic jeans: MNG by Mango for JcPenney (on sale for $10), Suede cardigan: Enigma (Japanese brand from Hong Kong)
Shoes: Patent leather platform pumps: Steve Madden (similar here)
I spent Saturday relaxing and playing some frisbee on the beach (yes, in the above outfit- but to be fair, I had no idea that that was on the agenda) and today I was the photographer at my family's soccer game. Overall, I had a wonderful weekend with friends, family, and my boyfriend, but I somehow got two bruises on the palm of my right hand due to my eagerness to catch every flying disc that came my way. I guess it's the inner competitive Ultimate Frisbee player in me! 

I also wanted to thank each and every one of you for your continued support through e-mails and comments! As I mentioned before, I read each and every one of them and always try my best to respond back. Recently, I was featured on Look 10 (Look 10 Award), MIXT (Be Younique), and FashionableUnicorn (guest blogger), so check them out there or here.

P.S. Follow me on my Instagram account (@theShopaholic247) for OOTD sneak-peeks, more details of my outfits, & a look into my life via quick pics! For instance, my watch isn't featured in any of these photos, but you can see a photo of it on my Instagram. I'm addicted to it, so I typically post more on there than even this blog! I also appreciate all of your continued support via GFC & Bloglovin!
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