Tuesday, February 28, 2012

♔ Fit for a Queen ♔

I don't know about you, but personally I've always associated lace with romance, tea parties, and the pinnacle of girliness (that's probably not even a word, please excuse). Although it can feel itchy, I love how lace looks. Some people may think it's old-fashioned, but I like to think it's timeless. I. heart. lace. anything. 
Kate Middleton in lace wedding gown w/ fitted bodice & v-neckline
by Alexander McQueen designed by Sarah Burton
Taylor Swift in an ivory lace frock by Reiss
When I first saw this lookalike dress (photos below) at the store, I couldn't help but be reminded of the Queen of Cute Dresses, Miss Taylor Swift (seriously, has anyone ever seen her in pants...?). Needless to say, I was very excited to do a post on it! Hope you like!

Accessories: cream bangle (f21), gold rhinestone bangle (bcbg), gold snake watch (kohl's), vintage necklace & 2 toned brown leather belt (local thrift store), brown leather purse (steven by steve madden), pink heart sunglasses (flea market)
Clothing: lace dress (found it at ross for $9.99! score!)
Shoes: brown flats (kohl's)

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Blue M&M

Although summer is months away and the weather is still not as warm as I like, sometimes I pretend that I'm on a month-long vacation in a far off land when in reality, I'm on a weekend getaway only a few hours from home. Sure, I'll still have to work, but every time summer rolls around, I can't help but be reminded of all those years in school where summer was equivalent to freedom from responsibilities and getting to spend days on end at the beach. Every weekend since I've been working full-time has been an opportunity to unleash my pent-up passions (as coined by my new friend Stephanie P.) and wear anything I like without having thoughts like, "Will I be taken seriously if I wear this Hello Kitty purse?" or "Can I wear this snake watch in court?"or even "Is this shade of pink too bright to meet the mandated 'business casual' standards?" Hopefully, some of you can relate to these kinds of concerns that frequently creep into my mind every morning. Anyway, here is something fun I wore last weekend on a trip to Las Vegas. Enjoy!

Clothing: Blouse- Forever 21, Lace shorts- San Souci (TJMaxx)  
Accessories: Rose gold watch- Relic, Hemp bracelet & scarf- Target, Name necklace- Street vendor in San Francisco, Gold bracelet- the Hanger Boutiques, Zebra double ring & red/navy bow belt- Charlotte Russe, Feather & tinsel- local salon, Aviator sunglasses- CottonOn
Shoes: barefoot! hehe ;P

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Friday, February 10, 2012

It's an Adventure Out There!

My boyfriend and I recently went to the beautiful Santa Barbara for a little break from work & reality. He thought taking a nice walk/HIKE would be a good idea, which would have been fine, except I really didn't dress thinking we'd be explorers for the day...so please forgive the fact that I may look out of place in these photos & don't judge my choice of footwear! I had to go for these because it was either that or hike around the wilderness in heels...even a girly girl like me has her limits okay! ;P

But by some coincidence, I did wear accessories that seemed fitting for such an outing with Mother Nature. Notice my ring & bangle are very appropriately adorned with flowers & plants and my sunglasses resemble bug eyes. Ha!

Clothing: Shirt- f21, Maxi skirt- foreign exchange
Accessories: Prada-esque sunglasses- from travels in China (similar here), Belt- f21?, Bracelets- H&M/flea market, watch- Charlie's, Necklace- flea market, Ring- f21, Earrings- gift from grandmother, Purse- Badgley Mischka
Shoes: Rainbow sandals (no judging!)
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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ring Around the Rosey...

photo src: fashionfalsehood.blogspot.com
Recently read a great article by Colette Bouchez (examiner.com) with tips and advice on how to style ROSE GOLD. I found it pretty helpful so I thought I'd share! 
  1.  Rose gold is made primarily by blending copper with gold – and the more rosy the color the more copper it contains.   So your first rose gold fashion tip is to pair it with copper jewelry.   Be it bracelets, rings, or earrings, inexpensive copper jewelry will set off the glow of a single piece of  rose gold jewelry, keeping you in the right color without breaking your budget.
  2. Pair rose gold with turquoise.  Nothing, we mean NOTHING looks better than a rose gold watch snuggled up next to a few turquoise bangles. Or choose a pair of fabulous turquoise earrings trimmed in topaz crystals or a turquoise ring to go with your rose gold bracelets. Also seek out the hot new Mosaic Turquoise which blends tiny bits of copper and other earth tones with turquoise for an amazing look with rose gold.
  3. Want to give your rose gold jewelry an even rosier glow ?  Pair it with coral, rose quartz, or red crystal earrings or bracelets for the ultimate red gold glow.
  4. When mixing rose gold with yellow gold realize that they both come in many different shades.  To get the best blend look for  either antique gold (with a darker hue) or a green gold . Both will set off the glow of rose gold and make it stand out . If your  gold is too “yellow”  your rose gold will fade into the background and won’t even be noticed.
  5. When pairing  rose gold with silver search out a soft, muted antique silver as opposed to a bright silver. Again, you want the rose gold to come center stage so don’t outshine it with a bright silver.
  6. When purchasing rose gold remember there is no such thing as “pure” rose gold – so don’t fall for that sales pitch!  Since it’s an alloy blended with yellow gold,  you can never have “pure”rose gold.
  7. The rosier your rose gold the more copper it contains – so the price should actually be lower, not higher.  The most common formulation for “red gold”- that really rosy color – is 50% gold and 50% copper.  If your rose gold has a yellow tinge then it likely contains up to 15% zinc.   
  8. Crown gold is the most expensive form of rose gold, which is 22 karat. It is usually made of 25% copper and 75% gold.  18 karat rose gold is made of 21% copper, 4% silver, and 75% gold, so it pairs best with silver jewelry.
  9. Rose gold on a budget:  Go for 10 kt rose gold !  Because it contains far less gold it is much cheaper – but the beauty of it is, it contains the same amount of copper,  so the rose gold look is very similar!   You can also go for Rose Gold plating – but try to find it over brass and not silver.   It gives a warmer, more natural  looking rose gold patina.
  10. Bring out your  rose gold look with  copper color accessories – such as bags, belts, and shoes.   This will play up the rosy look of your gold and give  more punch to your outfit.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Battle of the Brands- Wotcher There!

Hello fellow fashion frugalistas! Here's a new post in my series, "Battle of the Brands!" Today I will be showcasing 5 different watches in rose gold. I don't know about you, but I am IN LOVE with rose gold nowadays. It is a soft gold color with a tinge of chrome/penny/pinky color and seems to go with just about any outfit and is a nice departure from the standard silver or gold. 

Before deciding on which rose gold watch I wanted, I did some research into the manufacturers of the various brands, focusing mostly Michael Kors, Relic, and Fossil. Those were the only three quality brands in my price range. GUESS WHAT?  I was pretty surprised to find that all 3 of those brands come down to one manufacturer: FOSSIL! Read the article here. So, I had no trouble picking the gorgeous rhinestone-studded rose gold watch from Relic. Well actually my boyfriend gave it to me as part of my Christmas gift and I absolutely LOVE it! :)

Again, from priciest to cheapest...let the battle rage! Which watch would you buy, knowing what you know now? Let me know in the comments below!



COACH- boyfriend rose gold bracelet, $348

"Our big, bold Boyfriend watch, updated with the warmth of a rose-gold finish, was crafted by a world-renowned watch house for durability, water resistance and flawless timekeeping. # Rose gold strap # Deployment closure # Quartz movement # Mineral crystal # Water-resistant to 30 meters"


MARC by MARC JACOBS- 'blade' crystal index watch, $275

"Jewels mark the time in a sleek, monochromatic watch boasting chronograph subdials and a date window. A dual finish lends modern styling to the bracelet and prominent, logo-etched case. * Trifold buckle with spring-lock closure. * Approx. band length: 190mm. * Approx. band width: 20mm. * Approx. case diameter: 40mm. * Water-resistant to 5 ATM (50 meters). * Stainless steel/rose-gold ionic plating/Swarovski crystals/mineral crystal."

MICHAEL KORS- round/mini runway watch; runway watch, $250

"* Rose golden stainless steel bracelet strap. * 33mm round bezel. * Rose golden face with tonal time stops and baguette clear crystal accents. * Three-hand movement. * Three sub-dials. * Date window. * Logo crown. * Stop watch function. "
"A brushed three-eye chronograph dial is punctuated with an offset date window and paired with a classic bracelet band, all plated in irresistible rose gold. * Tri-fold buckle with spring-lock closure. * Approx. band length: 190mm. * Approx. band width: 18mm. * Approx. case diameter: 37mm. * Stainless steel/rose-gold plating."

MARC by MARC JACOBS- 'henry' chronograph watch, $225

"A shiny and matte rose-gold bracelet watch with a matching tonal dial sports a sleek three-eye chronograph and beveled logo bezel. * Approx. band length: 190mm. * Approx. band width: 18mm. * Approx. case diameter: 37mm. * Stainless steel/rose gold ionic plating."

FOSSIL- 'stella' glitz & 'stella' plated stainless steel watches, $135 & $115

"A shiny and matte rose-gold bracelet watch with a matching tonal dial sports a sleek three-eye chronograph and beveled logo bezel. * Approx. band length: 190mm. * Approx. band width: 18mm. * Approx. case diameter: 37mm. * Stainless steel/rose gold ionic plating."
"We borrowed a few style details from men's watches for this rosy women's multifunction. A brushed metal finish and an oversized case make it a standout piece for everyday wear. Case Size: 37.5mm Case Thickness: 10mm Water Resistant: 5ATM Brand: Fossil Warranty: 11-year limited"

RELIC (Kohl's)- taylor & starla glitz, $90 & $100

"Inspired by our favorite menswear trends, this women's rose gold-tone stainless-steel multifunction takes a borrowed-from-the-boys design and gives it a feminine twist. A little glitz around the dial gives it just the right amount of sparkle. Case Size: 38mm Case Thickness: 9mm Band Width: 18mm Water Resistant: 5 ATM Warranty: 12-year limited Warranty: 12-year limited"

"Inspired by our favorite menswear trends, this women's stainless-steel multifunction takes a borrowed-from-the-boys design aesthetic and makes it feminine. A rose gold dial finishes the look. Case Size: 36mmCase Thickness: 11mmBand Width: 18mmWater Resistant: Up to 3 ATM Warranty: 12-year limited"

STYLE & CO. (Macy's)- rose gold bracelet watch, $30

"A touch of glamour goes a long way. Watch by Style&co. crafted of gold tone mixed metal bracelet and round case. Bezel embellished with crystal accents. Gold tone dial features applied numerals and stick indices, three multifunctional subdials, three hands and logo. Quartz movement. Splash resistant. Two-year limited warranty"

Well, that concludes it! What did you think? Which one won over your heart this battle round?
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