Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wild Side

Lately, I have been OBSESSED with wearing skirts. It could be because my legs have been trapped inside pants/jeans/leggings all winter so they want to get out and see the sun again. I really don't know. But the problem is, mini/knee-length skirts leave my legs so cold in the mornings that I have been trying to challenge myself with a trend I've never really had the nerve to try....and that is, long, maxi skirts. Sure, I've worn my share of maxi dresses in the summer, but that's as far as I've gone. Recently, I purchased 3 new skirts that I CANNOT WAIT to do some outfit posts on! Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the first two at the moment :(

The 1st long skirt I bought is a plain black, cotton/polyester material dress which I'm positive you can find in many stores right now.

The 2nd skirt I purchased was one that I had been looking for since I saw something similar on Gossip Girl (on Serena of course! Since she has such a daring, risk-taking personality on the show, her style similarly reflects that. Her outfits are fun & flirty, whereas Blair's are more structured and classic.). Here is a photo of her rocking a gorgeous asymmetrical dress in "What a Wonderful Lie:"

Don't worry, I won't be THAT much of a tease! The 3rd skirt I bought recently is an asymmetrical pleated skirt that I really like. It's very flowy & I especially love how it's pleated too because normally people think of long pleated skirts as something "traditional" or "outdated." But since this skirt is asymmetrical as well, I think it looks very modern, and gives the classic look a little flair and fun.

Clothing: Animal print button-up w/ hood- Cotton On; Pleated high-low skirt)- Pink Zone or similar here at Kohl's
Shoes: Patent leather heels w/ pink soles- from travels in China
Accessories: Metallic grey watch- DKNY; Ring- Cotton On; Layered necklace- Armani Exchange; Purse- Coach
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"I am not pretty. I am not beautiful. I am as radiant as the sun."

Anyone know where that's from?

Cover of "The Hunger Games"Ever since I graduated from university in 2010, I've been doing a lot more leisurely reading than I ever got the opportunity to before. At first, it was difficult to know where to start because part of me wanted to re-read some of my favorites, another part of me wanted to read classics off of those "must-read-before-you-die" lists, and another part of me was just itching to read something entirely new. A few of my friends recommended the Hunger Games series to me and so I became addicted for the first 2 books. Not Harry Potter-level addicted or anywhere close to my shopping addiction, but I would think about reading it while I was at work, and while driving home back from work. When I got home, I'd try to finish dinner quickly in order to get back to reading. So anyway, the title of this post is actually a line from Katniss, the main character of the novel.

Anyway, enough of that. The reason I even thought about that was because I am currently LOVING and pretty much ADDICTED to Laura Mercier's Radiance Primer. I got a free sample from Sephora with one of my orders and I have been using it daily ever since! I think the deal is still going on now. Just enter the code RADIANCE during checkout.

It applies on very smoothly and has a GORGEOUS SHEEN quality to it. So far, I've been using a powder foundation with it and not only does my face look more flawless, but I use less product! I just squeeze a teeny bit onto my finger and apply it all over my face, using more on areas where I know typically my makeup does not stay on very well. I live in Southern California and the weather is pretty dry year-round, but especially so in the winter months, so I typically wear an intense moisturizer with a thicker texture than my normal moisturizers and then put on this primer on top of it. I'm not much of a fan of liquid foundations normally because when I use them, my skin doesn't feel as breathable, even though all the products I've used are of course, non-comedogenic. This primer is very light and it doesn't feel like you're even wearing it. It makes you makeup look better, last longer & give you a radiant glow about you!

I highly recommend this (and giving the Hunger Games series a try)! I enjoyed the first 2 books but to be honest, the final installment, Mockingjay, was my least favorite of the trio. I wish the author, Suzanne Collins, would have given some more details and spent more time painting images into the reader's mind. A lot is left up to imagination and I guess, I'm just not used to that. The 3rd book probably could have been split into two, or at least I think the story would have benefited from it. Too much happened with too few details...but that's just my opinion! Read it and let me know your thoughts!
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