Friday, October 19, 2012

Battle of the Brands: Glitter Booties

For all my new readers, I just wanted to preface this post by mentioning that I started this series to show how you don't have to shell out a million bucks to look like it. All of us have an inner frugalista in us, and seriously, who doesn't love a good deal? Problem is, sales are hard to come by at the start of the season, so even if you have the patience to wait it out, oftentimes, you won't have much of a chance to wear that coveted item by the time you get your hands on it. As seasoned shopaholics, we all know that the longer we wait,  the more difficult it becomes to acquire your size in your preferred color. I'm typically a size 8 or 8.5 in footwear so I'm always paranoid when I skip out on something because I know it will be harder for me to buy it later since I wear such a common size. 

I love the girly, glitter panel on these leather ankle booties. It adds just the right amount of sparkle to any fall or winter outfit. They're perfect for day or night and best of all, comfortable! A win all around for me.

Why pay more when you can pay less? Which of these is your favorite?

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Rachel Lynne said...

I love them! I just saw a pair at DSW for less than $50! Not what I was there for though... just helping a friend shop! I do think I will be getting a pair though!

Sophie said...

I love Steve Madden boots - Happy Friday!

Nee said...

the colin stuart ones are my favorite!!:) have a good weekend xx

Buttons Apart said...

Great picks. love the Collin Stuarts boots.

Sita xx

Well... said...

Umm,I will always go for the steal lol
I love these glitter booties!

Trendy Teal

Joy said...

I love Battle of the Brands! I think I typically go for a good deal, unless it's between the real deal and a knockoff...then I'd probably choose...neither? lol

s said...

love the boots! xO!

Alba said...



Kara Sitnik said...

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