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Travel Diaries: Hong Kong Haul

Cheetah & Skull belts, $0.83 ea
You didn't think I'd go to Hong Kong without showing you some goodies I bought..did you? C'mon, I spend 1/2 my money on food & the other 1/2 on, well, you'll see! I actually earned the title, "the Shopaholic 24/7" and it takes QUITE a bit of addiction-, I mean, dedication. In fact, I have just the anecdote to share before my show and tell. 

My flight back to Los Angeles, CA was at 12:55PM last Saturday. I had dim sum at Maxim's and arrived to Gate 3 with my sister at noon. Plenty of time, I thought. We used the restroom and then strolled over to a few gift shops, including the Disneyland one where we had a look around for LMMHs (last-minute must-haves). As I was walking back towards the gate like the punctual passenger I normally am, I saw the duty-free luxury shops and kiosks to my left. I quickly looked away as I caught a glimpse of Longchamp Le Pliages in all different colors, almost smiling, as I have always been perfectly content without owning such a shapeless tote (no judgment to anyone who owns one or loves theirs, but I never understood their popularity especially since there are no compartments and the straps hurt). Proud of myself, I made the mistake of lingering my gaze o'er yonder for a moment too long...and that's when the trouble began.

C  H  A  N  E  L 
For some reason, the moment I laid eyes on those words, I was already standing outside.

It was as if I floated there, pulled by some invisible magnetic force. It was an attraction that I could not control. Next thing I know, I was looking through the drawers of fashion jewelry acting like Dudley Dursley in a sweets shoppe. I tried on a pair of classic silver CC studs and knew I had to own them. They're an investment. An heirloom, even. I can pass them down and my future daughter(s) can pass them on to their daughters! Or, I could always re-sell them on Malleries! Okay, so maaaaaybe I feel better justifying the splurge, but ultimately my conclusion was: This was worth it.

My seconds of bliss were rudely interrupted by a familiar, high-pitched voice. "The gates are closing NOW, we have to go, or they're leaving!" It belonged to my panicked sister. Another voice followed in Cantonese, "We found the last passenger. She's in Chanel! Don't close the gates yet. We're coming right now." I sprinted out the door while the sales associate shoved the receipt and bag in my hand. I flew past two gates as I quickly began to regret wearing elastic-waisted pants. I must have been quite a sight to behold with one hand on my waistband and the other clutching onto my purse. As a crew member checked my carry-on luggage and purse, he smiled at my guilty purchase and jokingly asked me if I had shopped enough. With my head down, and apologizing incessantly to everyone in my path, I hurried onto the plane. Ultimately, the pilot announced that we were on the taxiway 5 minutes early. Phew! #ConfessionsOfAShopaholic #TrueStory #TheEnd

And now, here are some of my favorite purchases from my travels in China! I've converted the prices according to 1 USD: 6 RMB & 1 USD: 7.8 HKD. I purchased everything with my own money from Hong Kong & Shenzhen.

Jelly Cinderella wedges, $9

A fun little flap purse quilted with vertical squares & an elegant clasp, $31
Here's a similar one on eBay
Gotta get some desktop bling for the office! Now everyone's going to want my business card! $17

Bow belt & gold plate belt, $0.83 ea
Cobalt blue blouse w/ gold studs, $6.50

Green python necklace, $4
A cream colored flap purse w/ twist turnlock and vertical stripes, $27

2 of my favorite beauty products from Asia. Makeup removing cream , $9 & the BEST eyelash glue ever, $7.50

Glam & flirty blouse, $7.50

Embellished Owl earrings and Swan earrings, $2.50 ea.

A Japanese designer brand, ADMJ, created this beautiful metallic gold leather purse w/ Sanrio. I fell in love!
Especially loving the lock & expandable function!

Hello Kitty in Oz teapot & teacup set, complimentary gift w/ glasses
Studded red clutch w/ long strap, $6

Rose gold heart SOUVENIR necklace from Agatha, $76
Inscription: "Paris is tout petit pour ceux qui s'aiment d'un aussi grand amour."
 (Paris is so small for those who love each other as we do, with such an immense love,
which is a line from the film, Les Enfants du Paradis)
Large envelope clutch w/ long strap is perfect for putting files, folders, & resumes for work/interview, $6
Cute Hello Kitty camera straps for my DSLR! Finally! $15 ea.

Bling bling earrings, $2.50 ea

Crabtree & Evelyn teacups, complimentary w/ purchase
Needed a new terry headband for washing my face, $11
Gold spikey necklace, $4
Metallic polishes by Marcia, ~$5 ea
Hope you enjoyed this long, mixed haul! I've never done one quite like this, but I thought that you would enjoy seeing my souvenirs. But I'm cursed now. I can never shop online or in-stores here in California the same as I did before. I found so many bargain buys in Asia (using my haggling skills like a local) will I ever justify anything I buy here again?! :O

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s said...

the flaps seem so timeless, and i love those bangles!!! xO!

Anni said...

Loving that python necklace and are those really jelly flats? They look so nice in all their metallic glory that you would never realize and they'd be extra comfortable to wear too. I know how you feel, everytime I buy stuff online from Asia it's like how am I ever going to pay more than $10 USD for anything ever again?

Girl Lilikoi said...

I love all your shopping finds. Love the cheetah and skull belt, and that jelly wedges is so adorable. Following you on bloglovin dear. Lets keep in touch!

Meganne said...

Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
Material Fixations

Joy said...

Looks like you got a lot of cute, fun stuff. Hope you had a great time!
& that story about you in Chanel running down the gates is hilarious.
Can't wait to see you wear the studs. =]

Jenn Patt said...

Love the green python necklace and studded red clutch!!!
I'll follow you.
X.O.X.O Jenn

Always Maylee said...

Oh wow you got so many amazing things! Love all the hello kitty and those owl jewels are so cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Brooklyn Grace said...

hello dear,just found your blog and its really cool
followed you on GFc and bloglovin
hope you follow back

Karola said...

this story is so funny! :D but you had the best excuse EVER for being late: SHOPPING!!! :D HA!
love your things, especially the belts and all the bling! looks like you are a huge hello kitty fan as well haha! :)

Brooklyn Grace said...

thnks for your lovely comment

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