Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Color Me Coral

Did any of you ever read my interview with Niyah at Inexpensive Chic or with Jessica at Marvelous Things? Well, if you did, you would know that I have had trouble wearing bright colors ever since I came back from studying abroad in Paris in 2008. For some reason, living there changed me...in more ways than one, but sartorially speaking, I became drawn to neutral colors, and in particular, black. This article about what to wear in Paris says it best:

"Neutrals are key- If you're from a climate that sports a lot of florals and bright colors, aim for hte subdued approach. You can never go wrong wearing black in Paris. In fact, you'll notice that this is the color scheme that most of the locals live in. You've heard it all before- black is slimming, always in style, and versatile. A flattering black sweater or pants/skirt can be dressed down for daywear and easily spruced up for a night on the town."

Although I didn't do any fashion research prior to living in Paris, I realized pretty quickly that my fuzzy sheepskin boots, Hello Kitty tees, and colorful sweaters did not belong. I remember Parisians staring at me as I walked (okay, so I might have sprinted...I'm not exactly a morning person) to my 8 a.m. cours de Français à la Sorbonne in my American attire. I felt like a knockoff Louis Vuitton sur les Champs-Elysées  or la Tour d'Eiffel to Parisians: an embarrassing eyesore. I definitely grew quite accustomed and comfortable with my daily uniform of black pants/black blouse/black boots/black everything. When I returned to California, I automatically began to neglect and eventually purge away my floral tops, graphic tees, and colored jeans, items which I had frequently worn prior to my trip. Unbeknownst to me for a long time, I started to stock my wardrobe with neutral colors almost exclusively. Now that I've identified this bad habit of mine, I've been gradually trying to incorporate fun colors back into my daily wardrobe, and may even wear some obnoxious neons in the near future. And so, here is another step forward on my journey to finding my personal style. Cheers!

Clothing: Coral tank- Marshall's, $13 (similar here & here), Skinny jeans (the recurring pair of my fave)- Vigoss
Accessories: Aviators- Michael Kors ($20 @Ross!), Arrowhead Necklace- Charlotte Russe (on sale for $5!), Quatrefoil earrings- Francesca's, Charm bracelet- Tiffany & Co., Bangle & assorted bracelets- ?, Ceramic watch- MK5387 Michael Kors, Floral chain clutch/flap purse- Victoria's Secret (VERY old style)
Shoes: Braided wedge sandals- Steve Madden

Have you ever been influenced by local fashion while traveling? How so? How has your style changed over the years? 

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Marie Martell said...

Very pretty look! Love all the accessories!

xo Marie

Well... said...

Gorgeous! I love the coral color on you. Very pretty :)
The cut out details on the bottom are so cute too.
Great sandals!

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Squared said...

wow! LOVE everything here! everything!

Always Maylee said...

You look so pretty in coral! Your nails look so cute, such fun colors. It's awesome that you got to live in Paris and spend time there.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

sbl said...

i love coral. it looks beautiful on you! xx

Alba said...

Cool t-shirt!! you look amazing! xoxo

Rachel said...

That's so cool that you got to study abroad in Paris! Bring back the colors, cause you look great in them! :D

xo Rachel


Steph Yt. said...

looking good! well you evidently have no problems wearing bright colors now! :)
Ginger and Lace

hautepinkpretty said...

love your accessories! Xox <3 hautepinkpretty.com

Izzy said...

haha it's funny how the environment you're in determines your style. I've never been to Paris but now I know what not to wear to avoid stares! As for travel I've only ever been to countries in Asia. Over there I think they're a lot more accepting of a great range of clothing styles haha. I can pretty much mix up random pieces together and it would be fine.
it's good that you're able to incorporate colours back in your life lol. love the detail on your top!


Joy said...

You make me miss France when you talk about it. I was only there briefly for a summer abroad. I don't think I even noticed their love of neutrals. Of course, I was there during tourist season, so it was run amok with a million English speakers, and not as many locals.

I love your sunglasses! $20 is such a good deal for MK sunnies. I wish I were more skilled at shopping in places like Ross, TJMaxx, Marshall's, etc. But I just feel most comfortable hunting down deals online. It's so much easier, especially when I can sort price low to high, filter out the sizes, do word searches.

Your cut-out top is really cute, too. Do you have to hand-wash it?
I'm currently struggling with the reality that I need to wash a lot of lace-y or pleated things...BOO...I'm also afraid of washing pleated things, because I don't want the pleats to go away. I don't own an iron...how sad.

Ok, have a great rest of your weekend. Thx for letting me ramble!

Compared to when I was younger, searching through the racks feels like so much work, lol. Can you tell I'm the laziest person on earth?

Lizbux said...

Those shoes are amazing! I love that they look slightly like gladiators but are still quite delicate. Also the neutral colours mean they go with all of your accessories.

kerker said...

i know what you mean about neutral colors! when i was in college, I loved bright colors! Then when i started working, my clothes were all neutral colors because I wanted to make sure i could wear it to work as well as going out! Btw, i love you watch!!

xo kerker
The Ugly Moments

Candace Wu said...

i absolutely LOVE the cutouts on your tank
so gorgeous
and all the accessories youre rocking are lovely!

you have an amazing blog, doll
great sense of style !

xx [ aphrodite blue ]

Karola said...

Love the way you look! this top is such a splash of color and the clutch is fab!
To be perfectly honest I am constantly working on my style so the change is a neverending process. :)


Karola said...

Love the way you look! this top is such a splash of color and the clutch is fab!
To be perfectly honest I am constantly working on my style so the change is a neverending process. :)


Diana Marks said...

such a cool look!!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

CY said...

Thank you so much!

CY said...

Aw, thank you so much! You are so sweet!

CY said...

I love your comments! I will reply back on your blog! :)

Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

Omg, this is so cool- I have the same purse it's the first time I've seen anyone with it! Love the cool look!

CY said...

AHH! And you're the 1st person I've met who has it! Funny how VS really hit the mark with this little crossbody clutch huh?! Do you have it in any other colors?

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