Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Where's Your Spare Pair?

My dearest fashionistas- how many of you have, despite your best judgment, walked proudly into work wearing your newest 5-inch heels, just to hobble and limp out to the parking lot at 5 o'clock? Well, turn that frown upside down, because after this post, I guarantee you will be able to both look good & feel good!
Houndstooth heels: Steven by Steve Madden/ Wingtip flats: Fairytales Are True from Urban Outfitters (similar here)

I was inspired to write this post from my own experiences today coupled with many, MANY prior incidences (mostly at work since I never wore heels in college, but major props go out to those girls who do!) where I found myself in a similar scenario. I'm only 5' 4" so I like the extra height that heels give me, especially since I work with male co-workers who tower over me. Also, I can't help but feel a little more confident in myself when I wear some heels, whether they be one inch or five! It's a terribly unhealthy habit, I've heard, from Dr. Oz and my friend Mayur who is studying to be a Physical Therapist. Of course, I knew that even before anyone told me, but if I don't wear them now, when will I? After all, I have to carpe diem don't I? I'm in my early twenties and supposedly in top shape (not really), so better now than never, I think, but I just want to make sure to balance my guilty habits with some better ones.

Here's my approach. It's quite simple, but often overlooked. My routine is usually to put on a "spare pair" of sorts right when I leave the house, whether they manifest in the form of kitten heels, oxfords, low wedges, or some trusty, closed-toe flats. I've found that I absolutely DO NOT enjoy driving in any type of heels over 2 inches. The heels end up rubbing against my car mat and sometimes, if I'm not careful, they have even gotten scuffed! (Ok, and it's also uncomfortable) Yes, I have definitely learned these things the hard way. So, I like to wear my spare pairs whilst driving both to/ from work. Sometimes, I will even wear them all the way until I get to my office building because I have to walk about a block to/from the parking lot. Typically I will change into my heels when I go to court or have to interact with people out of the office. Otherwise, I will be in my spare pairs in the office. Seems simple right?

We fashionistas gotta feel good, but equally as important, look good, right? ;)
Here are some of my current spare pair pairings at the moment, both for work and play. 
Flats: Etienne Aigner/ Cut-out lace-up heels: Vince Camuto
Aren't these pink soles gorgeous?
Black patent heels (5 in): CHANELLE Shoedazzle/ Black patent heels (3 in): from China
Peeptoe Flats: JAM Juicy Couture/ Gladiator heels: Cathy Jean
selection of some mixed pairings
L to R: Cut-out kitten heels: Nine West/ Embellished flats: JODY Guess by Marciano
Pointed heels: Dollhouse/ Black patent flats: Jessica Simpson (similar style in wedges)
Need a quick fix? Didn't plan ahead? I always keep a foldable pair of flats in my purse, car, and/or office like the ones pictured below. You can purchase similar ones at Target, at Arden B., at Nordies, or at DSW, to name a few.
I promise my next post will be a style post for sure! I haven't had a photographer for awhile and I am not too familiar with the settings on my camera to take quality photos using my tripod. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram: @theShopaholic247 where I post little quickie OOTDs.

How do you deal with tired feet? Do you have a spare pair handy?

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Lisa said...

I'm following :)

LoveT. said...

Adorable! Great Post ,love your Collection of Shoes!
Beautiful Blog ,follow each other?!

Lovely Greetings from Austria<3

sleepandwater said...

I wish I could wear heels with more ease and comfort. I tried wearing heels to work for the first couple of weeks, then reverted to flats pretty much after that :p That's a good idea with the spares to match the heels. Keeping a pair of flats in your bag can really be a lifesaver as well.

hautepinkpretty said...

A spare pair is a must!! lol love this post :) Xox <3

JanM ♥ said...

Oh I always bring flats when I wear heels! They're such a pain sometimes right?


Tarah said...

Hi there,
I must say I found myself looking through a lot of your old posts, I like what you're doing here on your blog. Your Vegas pics make me really excited about my vacation in June. What was our favorite things to do? Did you ever sleep? lol! I really like your choice in jewelry, it's so edgy! Love it! This is a great idea about the spare pair, I always have a spare in my closet. I don't want my feet to have arthritis when I get older, so I try to limit the hours that I wear my heels!
I am now following you!
Tarah and the City


oh i have heard of these shoes before, they look so handy!



Kimy Lemus said...

you have a cute shoes!

Heather Honey said...

Great idea! I love the silver gunmetal shoes-both of them! So cute :)

Well... said...

Definitely a great idea!
Love these shoes, they're gorgeous <3

Trendy Teal

LifeStyle Journal said...

Amazing shoe collection!!!!

harperandmonroe said...

love your collection of shoes. lol thanks for the charming comment. i'm trying to be a photographer but damn its hard.. sigh my amateurish is somewhat embarrassing :)

Wendy said...

wow shoes paradise!!! ;-)

I have a nice giveaway, check it out!!


Bernadeth G. said...

lovely shoes! love those heels :)

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

anurbanexplorer said...

Great tips and alternatives! Thanksss!


Sam said...

Hi doll, thanks for doing this post...I read the first few lines and I could completely relate to it. I love heels but can't walk around all day in them. Your matches are fantastic and I am going to heed your advice in the future

Little Tree Vintage said...

love it all... and those flats are the best!

Giovanna said...

Super cute picks! Love the pink soled pumps!


Karola said...

YES YES YES! This is EXACTLY what I do! I mean, c'mon!!! You might need your feet for few more years LOL ;)


MairaAndDiana said...

Cute pictues!Love this post
Live the heels (:

Joy said...

I usually wear flats or low-heeled shoes to work. I have a bunch of shoes tucked away in my bottom drawer that I change into under my desk. Lol, it's a secret (not really, the girls at work know about it).

Suzie Q said...

Oooh I love the idea of keeping a flat in a purse around. I'll have to try that! I love finding stylish flats that have the intricacies of a heel. Fabulous post!

Suzie Q
Style Cue by Suzie Q
PS. If you're interested, check out my $50 Gift card GIVEAWAY!

Fashionettista!! said...

oh such a lovely shoes! every women knows that heels arent good for all of us! but why we keep on using them even though sometimes we can enjoy on a party because our feet is aching?? am I right?? But then we girls love heels!! hooray!! feel free to check out mine and follow if you like! best regards!!

MightyPirate said...

I should start bringing flats with me whenever I do heels. I've always done tennis shoes and it's led to some interesting results before (like bringing out mismatched heels in my groggy morning state).

erica marie said...

I usually wear heels all the time but I always keep a pair of flats just in case.

xo erica

Mary Ann said...

I think this is a great post CY. I almost always have a "spare pair" with me. I frequently carry a pair of basic black flats and change in and out of my heels as necessary! ;-)

Karen Ussene said...

Hiya, thank you so much for the comment and visit darling.
Here in London I see alot of wmen nicely dressed but then wearing some ugly flat shoes r trainers, I guess them once they reached their workplace they change them :P.
But then again is much easier to walk in heels with type that they have in the U.K. then the one I have back in Portugal... that pavement damadge my shoes in less of 24 hurs :(

Ruth Logan said...

Always take flats with me on a night out to change for walking home just incase haha. Such a good post!

Lovely blog, just followed :)

Ruth xxxx

Reverse Clothing said...

I'm a totaly light weight. I can't really handle a heel above 2 inches. I'm all for the roll up flats!

Alexa said...

Great shoes and that sign is so cute :)

Sophie said...

Such a great collection of shoes - I adore your blog!

I'm one of your new followers, would be great to follow each other!


Elegantesque said...

lovely shoes !



Elegantesque Blog


Sarah said...

The flats are so cute! Whenever I go to Vegas I put a pair of flats in my clutch to slip on at the end of a long night.

joy ♡ said...

cute shoes!

check out my new flats/loafers I just got!!! :)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

I never take flats with me when wearing heels, but probably I should ;) X

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Que said...

Great post, thanx for sharing.


Francesca said...

love your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

Alina Anghel said...

super cute blog! xx

Sandra Leiva said...

Lovely shoes! <3

CY said...

Yes, I know what you mean! When I lived in Paris, I ruined almost all my shoes from walking on the cobblestones. Back home in Cali, I drive practically everywhere & the best part is: my shoes last so much longer! And you're so funny! "Ugly flat shoes or trainers?" Yes, let's hope that they change them once they get to work!

CY said...

Sure ppl may be laughing now at your aforementioned interesting combos, but when I develop back problems or sprain my ankle in my (many) attempts at lengthening my legs, you will be the one laughing in good arch support footwear! Yes, mismatched heels. Lol. Happens to everyone. That's why I like to keep half of my shoe closet in my trunk...

CY said...

Yes, I know right?!

PS I just saw your Cookie Monster nail tutorial and I want to rush home after work today & give it a try! Too cute! ^_^

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