Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wild Side

Lately, I have been OBSESSED with wearing skirts. It could be because my legs have been trapped inside pants/jeans/leggings all winter so they want to get out and see the sun again. I really don't know. But the problem is, mini/knee-length skirts leave my legs so cold in the mornings that I have been trying to challenge myself with a trend I've never really had the nerve to try....and that is, long, maxi skirts. Sure, I've worn my share of maxi dresses in the summer, but that's as far as I've gone. Recently, I purchased 3 new skirts that I CANNOT WAIT to do some outfit posts on! Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the first two at the moment :(

The 1st long skirt I bought is a plain black, cotton/polyester material dress which I'm positive you can find in many stores right now.

The 2nd skirt I purchased was one that I had been looking for since I saw something similar on Gossip Girl (on Serena of course! Since she has such a daring, risk-taking personality on the show, her style similarly reflects that. Her outfits are fun & flirty, whereas Blair's are more structured and classic.). Here is a photo of her rocking a gorgeous asymmetrical dress in "What a Wonderful Lie:"

Don't worry, I won't be THAT much of a tease! The 3rd skirt I bought recently is an asymmetrical pleated skirt that I really like. It's very flowy & I especially love how it's pleated too because normally people think of long pleated skirts as something "traditional" or "outdated." But since this skirt is asymmetrical as well, I think it looks very modern, and gives the classic look a little flair and fun.

Clothing: Animal print button-up w/ hood- Cotton On; Pleated high-low skirt)- Pink Zone or similar here at Kohl's
Shoes: Patent leather heels w/ pink soles- from travels in China
Accessories: Metallic grey watch- DKNY; Ring- Cotton On; Layered necklace- Armani Exchange; Purse- Coach

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