Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Night Sparkling

Since the weather has been getting chillier every day, I've been digging deep into my closet trying to put together some outfits for the evenings. To be perfectly honest, most days I'm too tired to go out during the weekdays, but when Friday night rolls around, I'm always itching to get out of my routine and attempt to be a social twentysomething again :) Most of the time I like to pair something with a skirt, or just throw on the nearest clean dress, but lately, I've been more inclined to wear something more...comfortable. I don't know about you, but sometimes I just feel too tired to have to concern myself with crossing my legs the whole night whilst sitting atop a bar stool waiting for my drink. Know the feeling?

So I put together this outfit with both function & comfort in mind. It is not only sophisticated & polished, but is also very versatile. I would wear this to a dinner, a movie, barhopping, or a friend's party. Hope you enjoy this look!

PS Do you ever build outfits around 1 item that you really want to wear? I do that all the time, especially with recent purchases! Since I got back from my vacation two weeks ago, I haven't been able to wear all the things I bought yet :( So, I'm sorry if my recent outfits have had so many items that I can't link/find for you guys!

Clothing: Blazer- Enigma; 3/4 Sleeve Grey top- Cotton On; Black leatherette leggings- from travels in China
Shoes: Sparkly cut-out wedges- from travels in China
Accessories: Sunglasses- Marc by Marc Jacobs; Alexander McQueen-esque clutch purse- from travels in China but I've seen something similar at Pink Zone

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