Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trends that need to END!

Below is a post written by one of our guest bloggers, RG!

There are some trends that just DON'T flatter the figures of women who are larger than a size 4. But it's always possible to tweak an outfit to fit your figure.

Horizontal Stripes

Don't get me wrong, I love France and, in theory I love the typical black straight-leg pant and horizontal striped shirt look. But in practice, these stripes are the bane of my existence because they quite simply make me look LARGER than I am. It has everything to do with visual perception; horizontal stripes make the width of your torso and arms look larger, thereby making you look bigger. The great thing about perception, however, is that it can always be changed. To avoid suffering from Horizontal Stripe Syndrome (HSS), try wearing a solid vest or blazer over a striped outfit. High wasted pants and skirts also help shape your figure.

I still highly recommend scavenging for vertical stripe items. It's so hard to find a chic vertical stripe shirt/skirt/dress/even leggings. I personally think designers need to stop with the nonsense and widen their horizons...vertically.

Here are a few looks I'm in love with.

Let's move on to the second trend that needs to end...

Baggy Shirts/Potato Sacks! 

This picture of Kelly Osbourne hurts my eyes because it infringes on not ONE but TWO of my fashion Don'ts: Horizontal Stripes AND Baggy Shirts!

Kelly Osbourne lost a ton of weight and has a beautiful curvy figure but she's hiding it under that baggy/striped up mess of a Shirt Dress.

I know, they're comfortable and snuggly but they aren't always flattering. Unless of course you use the right accessories. Kelly's outfit could have easily been saved if she'd only wrapped a colorful skinny belt around her waist. She'll get 'em next time!

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