Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Charmed Life

As I mentioned previously, I'd describe my style as very whimsical and playful, so I have always loved charmed bracelets. They can express your style and personality in a fun and creative way, because isn't that what fashion and style is all about? Expressing yourself? Here's a little on my history with charm bracelets!

My 1st charm bracelet was one I got from Mervyn's (back when they still existed lol...I guess that totally dates me #90s baby). It was sterling silver and I loved it but the clasp was really hard to put on by yourself & there were VERY limited charms. Within a few years, I couldn't find any more charms being sold at all :'( They got replaced with those Pandora-style charm bracelets where the charms are beads, which I didn't really care for.

My 2nd charm bracelet was one of those little "link by link" charm bracelets I got at Claire's. I liked how "sleek" they looked, since they were basically little individual tiles that linked together, but they were kind of uncomfortable. Every time I stretched it out to take it off or put it on, it would grab on to those little hairs on my arm and that got really irritating. I know, maybe that was TMI? Also, it wasn't very good quality so the color would fade.

My 3rd charm bracelet was a gift I got on my 21st birthday. It was a classic Tiffany's charm bracelet with a pink cupcake charm (I have a major sweet tooth!) and an Eiffel tower. It was adorable, but personally, Tiffany's charms are so big and bulky that it kinda weighs down the bracelet. For those of you who haven't tried one one before, the bracelet itself is already heavy, so I like to keep the bracelet "naked" or with only 1 charm. Also, the charms aren't put on very well (unless you have them sodder it on for you). The first day I wore the bracelet, my beloved Eiffel Tower charm FELL OFF! I took it to Tiffany's in NY and thankfully got a replacement but that made me kinda worried to wear it on a daily basis.

My 4th charm bracelet I got as a gift as well. It is a Links of London charm bracelet which I love. The design is very unique and it just slides onto your wrist, making it the most convenient to wear out of the other ones I had before. Classic charm bracelets always have a little clasp that may not always be the easiest to put on, especially if you want it on your dominant hand! The charms are very secure, and although you can put them on yourself, I have always had them put it on for me. The bracelet and charms are heavy as well, and since it's sterling silver, it really does need to be polished quite often (as I did for the Tiffany's one as well).

My obsession with charm bracelets continues with my newest addition to the family. I was recently given an early birthday present from Agatha jewelry (a family member bought it for me; I am not sponsored by them), a French jewelry brand. Sadly, they don't have any stores in the US yet, but since I'm in Hong Kong visiting family at the moment, I got to check them out! Lemme tell you that I am IN LOVE with their charm bracelets & their collection of charms! They are so cute, lightweight, detailed & I just adore the craftsmanship. They are all sterling silver, coated with white gold, making them less prone to becoming dull as quickly as the other charm bracelets I have, which is awesome. They have the standard collection of bracelets, but with a unique beaded one, as well as charm necklaces and pins! The charms are very easy to put on yourself and can be interchanged amongst the necklaces, bracelets, and pins! I love the versatility of their collection and how much more practical it is overall. The prices are a lot more affordable than Tiffany's and Links as well and since I'm obsessed with French everything (hence my Francophone(y) tab on this blog, I have to say this is my new favorite charm bracelet! Check out the collection here:

Do you have an obsession with charm bracelets, or another type of jewelry like I do? Which is your favorite? I'd love to hear about it in your comments! :)

<Pictures to come!>

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