Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What do you mean it has been over 2 weeks since my last post??? Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way of doing things you enjoy. And by "life," I mean the life of someone working 40hrs a week. A real working girl?? Yup. That's me. At least, for now ;P To be honest, I haven't quite adjusted to it yet. I'm still struggling to find a balance between work, family, friends, and "me" time, but I promise I'll try my best to update weekly (at least!). Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you guys out there!

So, I've never actually described my "style" before. I must admit, I was never the trendiest girl in my class, or always the most put-together, but I always wore what I liked and didn't care about whether or not others appreciated it. In high school, you could catch me in a t-shirt paired with a ruffly drawstring skirt with pink, grey & black striped legwarmers & black flats with giant flowers at the toe. Sounds like I was a mess, huh? I'd like to think that I've come a long way from that, but there are times when I enjoy just wearing what I like, whether or not they all may go together. So hopefully this particular outfit of the day (OOTD) will show you all a better sense of what I like to wear and more about, well, me.

Over the weekend, I was at a store looking for some bright-colored blazers. The manager told me I wouldn't find it anywhere since it was autumn and bright colors just don't have a place in this season. "Fall colors are in now," she said, in a snappy, matter-of-fact tone.

Sure, the browns, oranges, beiges, dark blues are great, but I like wearing what I want whenever I want and sometimes I think people may be a bit too closed-minded and have rather strict or conservative ideas about fashion. This is in, that is not. No white after Labor Day or, you can't mix and match gold & silver jewelry. When it comes to fashion, I like to wear what I like and what I think looks good on. I follow some rules and like to break others. Sometimes I get inspired by the current trends, and other times I don't. I don't like following trends to a tee, but rather, be inspired by them & make it my own, in a way that is comfortable for me to wear. Besides, the weather in SoCal has been pretty warm for the most part...ie 90degrees and then the next day, it wold rain and the weather would be closer to the 70s. Hmph. Make up your mind already!

Clothing: top (f21), white denim jeans (zara)
Shoes: jelly flats (loehmann's)
Accessories: Minnie Mouse charm bracelet watch (Macy's), Juicy bracelet (Juicy Couture), Hello Kitty 3D ring (Hot topic), Spinning flower ring (souvenir from Mexico), Necklace (gift from friend who bought it for me from Turkey), Bow belt (Charlotte Russe)

Hope you enjoyed this one! And please share how you would describe your personal style in the comments below. Do you ever feel a little whimsical like me? Do you dress more for comfort or style?

Until next time! <3

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lovelywife_pettitmom said...

I love your outfit here . your so gorgeous...

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