Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Wear

Life's been pretty hectic lately! I am now working at 2 different companies Mon-Fri so when the weekend comes along, I find myself feeling pretty lazy about getting out of bed, not to mention getting dressed!
This weekend, I spent it camping with my boyfriend & his family by a gorgeous marina. The weather was SPECTACULAR! It was warm during the day (mid 70s-80s) and a bit cooler in the evening. It had been raining just a couple days before we our trip, so we had all been a bit worried. Phew! Had a fun time :)
Day at the Marina
Baggy white t-shirt (F21), Blue shorts (Charlotte Russe), Brown leather sandals (Rainbow), Foldable hat (borrowed from my mother), Crossbody floral chain purse (Victoria's Secret), Owl earrings (F21), Chunky black ring (CottonOn), Silver key necklace (Tiffany's),Hello Kitty watch (Sanrio), Bow sunglasses (local store)

Meet Teddy! He belongs to my boyfriend's family.
 Haha doesn't this give a whole new meaning to "doggy bag?"
Meet Cocoa! She is definitely not a morning dog

Saw this little unique piece at the flea market.
This coral beaded necklace reminded me of a rib cage (I don't know why) but
I love the color blocking!

Personal defense against the wind: braid. Ta da!

I wish weekends were longer so that I could post more casual outfits up like this one! ;P

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